The Blood Magic Saga began with BLEEDER in 2012, which began as a spin-off from another yet-unreleased trilogy I’ve written called THE COLD ONES.

It quickly expanded into three books, then four, outgrowing the story that first birthed it, but so it is with writing sometimes.

The Blood Magic Saga is many things:

* the monster story I wished existed when I was a teen

* a pull-the-rug-out-from-under-your-feet take on overused YA tropes

* a horror/romance/paranormal/vampire roller-coaster of a coming-of-age tale

* a totally free online serial – go ahead, click that BLEEDER cover to your right, it’ll take you right to the first book.

* * *

The Blood Magic Saga is written by Monica S. Kuebler

Cover art is courtesy of Justin Erickson (of Phantom City Creative)

Chapter art is by Jerry Thistle